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  1. FILE PHOTO:  Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven attends a news conference after his meeting with

    Explainer - How has Sweden come close to breaking its political deadlock?

    Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was ousted in late September when he lost a no-confidence vote in parliament after an inconclusive election, ...
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    Romanian top court's wiretap ruling puts graft trials at risk

  3. FILE PHOTO:  Swedish Speaker of Parliament Andreas Norlen delivers a news conference at the Parliam

    Swedish parliament to vote on new Social Democrat, Green Party coalition

    Sweden's parliament will vote on Friday whether to set up a ruling coalition made up of the Social Democrats and Greens, the speaker said - though ...
  4. Romanian magistrates hold a silent protest in support of an independent judiciary

    Romanian magistrates rally to support rule of law

    Hundreds of Romanian magistrates held a silent protest in support of an independent judiciary in capital Bucharest on Sunday after a slew of legal ...
  5. People walk past election posters near the Swedish parliament in Stockholm

    Sweden faces political impasse after far-right election gains

    Sweden faces a political impasse after its mainstream centre-left and centre-right blocs virtually tied in an election on Sunday, while the ...
  6. Stefan Lofven

    Sweden's ruling Social Democrats lead election, far right make gains

  7. German election May 15

    Merkel's party secures key victory in bellwether state vote

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    Germany elects 'anti-Trump' Steinmeier as president

    The 61-year-old, who regularly polls as Germany's most popular politician, will represent the EU's top economy abroad in the largely ceremonial ...