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    Spanish government decree rejected by allies in historic defeat

  2. Podemos (We Can) party member Inigo Errejon remarks on partial results after polling stations close

    Leading Podemos MP quits, tipping Spain's far left party into chaos

    One of the founders of Spain's anti-austerity Podemos party, Inigo Errejon, gave up his seat in parliament on Monday, sending the movement - a key ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Spain's PM Sanchez holds a year-end news conference after the weekly cabinet meeti

    Spanish draft budget ups social spending, taxes rich in vote hunt

    Spain's minority Socialist government rolled out its 2019 budget proposal on Friday, promising to slash the deficit but boost social spending in ...
  4. Supporters of Spain's far-right VOX party celebrate results after the Andalusian regional elec

    Spanish Socialists' hold on Andalusia shaky after Ciudadanos rejects coalition

    The candidate for the market friendly Ciudadanos party in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia Juan Marin on Monday ruled out any coalition ...
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    Robots need 'kill switches' warn Euro MPs

    Without such rules, "humanity could face the apocalyptic scenario where robots turn on their human masters," says Socialist MEP Mady Delvaux.
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    Bernard Cazeneuve named French PM after Valls quits: Official

    French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was appointed as the new prime minister on Tuesday (Dec 6) after Manuel Valls resigned to seek the ...