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  1. A member of the security personnel is seen silhouetted during the third plenary session of the Chin

    China police detain man for asking why can't Taiwan be called a country

    Police in China have detained a man who asked on social media what law prevented anyone calling self-ruled Taiwan a country, questioning a ...
  2. hong kong international airport

    Newborn baby found in Hong Kong airport toilet

  3. Razia Bibi and her daughter-in-law Sajida Begum whose names are excluded from the draft list of the

    In India's citizenship test, a spelling error can ruin a family

    Riyazul Islam says he had to produce family documents going back to 1951 to prove he was an Indian and not an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant. But a ...
  4. Some 700,000 Rohingya were violently expelled from their homes in Myanmar's Rakhine state in a

    Facebook says it was 'too slow' to fight hate speech in Myanmar

  5. There are more than 220,000 registered drug addicts in Vietnam, according to official statistics

    200 drug users bust out of Vietnam rehab centre

  6. Shanmugam speaking at ITE College Central on extremism and youth

    Youth have to help in the 'fight back' against radicalisation: Shanmugam

  7. Pregnancy (File Photo)

    College-age students unsure when fertility declines

  8. Ikea is set to open its first Indian store in Hyderabad on Thursday

    Swede dreams: Ikea makes big promises with first Indian store

    Ikea's boss promised Wednesday to meet the "needs, frustrations and dreams" of local consumers with the Swedish firm's first Indian store, its ...
  9. Elderly man child Singapore

    Commentary: Steps to a society of compassion and solidarity we can be proud of

    A recent survey series found a gap between Singaporeans' perceptions of society today and their ideal model of it. Gillian Koh explores the ...