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  1. Solar panels are seen next to a Southern California Edison electricity station in Carson

    Sizzling hot: Solar stocks set to end pandemic year at record highs

    Solar stocks dazzled in 2020 and looked set to wrap up a year ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic with triple-digit gains amid a shift in focus to ...
  2. Huang Ming, Himin Solar
    Media playtime

    Ep 2: Huang Ming, Himin Solar

    Chinese media have given Huang many nicknames: solar madman, ambassador of renewable energies, and solar patriarch for his contribution and ...
  3. Solar Singapore

    Commentary: Singapore’s dreams of becoming a solar-powered nation have almost arrived

    Greater use of solar energy will help the nation achieve a cleaner and more sustainable future, says Tan Congyi.
  4. Kauahou, a worker of the installation company Alromar, sets up solar panels on the roof of a home i

    Rooftop revolution: Coronavirus chill upends solar power industry

    The booming rooftop solar panel industry nosedived overnight when the coronavirus forced homeowners to rein in spending and keep their distance ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Here’s how to accelerate and fund the climate action revolution the world wants

    Moving faster on climate action will require a combination of efforts from all actors, public and private, says Werner Hoyer.
  6. Goods and daily necessities like food arrive on vessels that depend on the work of commercial divers

    The Big Read: US-China trade war not hurting Singapore much yet, but beware the long sting in the tail

    Until cooler heads prevail, trade-dependent nations like Singapore are in for a bumpy ride amid waves of uncertainty.