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    UEFA to pay countries more for Nations League participation

  2. we are not afraid

    #WeAreNotAfraid, Londoners declare after Westminster attack

    In the wake of the deadly terrorist attack at Westminster, social media users banded together to show their support for those affected by the tragedy.
  3. UK shooting injured person help 2

    Westminster attack: Singapore leaders convey condolences

    "Singapore stands in solidarity with the United Kingdom during this difficult time, and in the broader fight against terror," President Tony Tan ...
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    Myanmar's Rohingya issue a 'humanitarian crisis': Malaysia

    Malaysia's Foreign Affairs ministry says it views with concern the humanitarian crisis in Rohingya, and the spillover effect which will affect the ...
  5. Yellow Sit-in event

    Police probe display of Singapore, Malaysian flags at Hong Lim Park event

    The flags were displayed at the Yellow Sit-in event, organised for people in Singapore to show solidarity with Malaysian electoral reform pressure ...
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    Hundreds of Palestinians held by Israel on hunger strike

    Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons were observing a hunger strike Friday, in a new wave of protest that Palestinian officials said was ...
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    Turkey regains control after deadly anti-Erdogan coup bid

    After the bloodiest challenge to his 13-year autocratic rule, Erdogan urged his backers to stay on the streets to prevent a possible "flare-up" of ...
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    London mayor reviewing capital's safety after Nice attack

    Offering his sympathies to the people of Nice over the "unspeakable act of terror on a day of celebration", Khan said: "Today we will be reviewing ...
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    Singapore leaders express condolences over Istanbul attacks

    President Tony Tan Keng Yam and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday (Jun 29) wrote to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Prime ...
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    Singapore 'strongly condemns' suicide attacks on Istanbul airport: MFA

    There are no reports of any Singaporeans injured in or directly affected by the attacks on Istanbul Ataturk Airport on Tuesday (Jun 28), a ...