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  1. Fareeda, wife of Shameem Ahmad Ganai, cries as she remembers him inside her house in Pulwama

    Families of Kashmir detainees in dark about where or why they are locked up

    Eleven days after Indian authorities began detaining hundreds of local leaders and activists in Kashmir, fearing violence after the region's ...
  2. Indian premier Modi insisted last week the decision to strip Kashmir of its autonomy was necessary

    Commentary: The shock and awe of India's move on Kashmir

    Last week, India PM Narendra Modi shocked India with the announcement that Kashmir's special status will be abolished, says Shashi Tharoor.
  3. India Art fair 2018

    Commentary: When contemporary art becomes a tool of soft power competition

    The two rising powers in Asia, China and India, are using art as a means to win over investors and the global intelligentsia, says Associate ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Governments criticise China yet sign deals with them still

    Despite resentment, suspicions and concerns over projects, many countries are still signing new deals with China, says one observer.
  5. stock airport terminal3 01

    Passengers at Changi Airport rose 8.2% in January

    The airport handled 5.26 million passengers last month, and this was boosted by air travel demand to and from Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and ...