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  1. HK tram Apr 6

    Driver arrested after HK tram flips over, injuring 14

    It is not clear what caused the accident. The South China Morning Post reported the driver of the westbound tram may have lost control of the vehicle.
  2. Hong Kong escalator screenshot video

    Hong Kong escalator investigation reveals key driving components 'all broken': Report

    Initial investigations into the escalator malfunction in a Hong Kong shopping mall have found that key components were broken and a safety device ...
  3. Hong Kong escalator screenshot video

    Langham Place moves to assure visitors following escalator incident

    In a statement, Langham Place says the operation of three other escalators which connect level four to level eight, as well as level eight to ...
  4. Hong Kong escalator screenshot video

    Technicians arrested for tampering with Hong Kong shopping mall escalator: Report

    Two escalator contractor workers have been arrested after an escalator malfunctioned at a Hong Kong shopping mall on Saturday (Mar 25), injuring ...
  5. Langham Place escalator

    Escalator malfunctions at Hong Kong mall; at least 18 injured

    The accident at Langham Place in Mong Kok injured at least 14 women and four men.
  6. Hong Kong Victoria Harbour

    Headless body found in Hong Kong harbour: Reports

    Police confirmed they had found a woman's body but gave no details of its condition.
  7. (nc) Hong Kong diamond heist 1

    Diamond worth US$640,000 stolen from Hong Kong jewellery shop

    A diamond ring worth more than HK$5 million (US$640,000) was seized by a masked robber in a smash-and-grab raid in one of Hong Kong's busiest ...