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    'American prosperity is at stake' if it cuts off trade with SE Asia: Balakrishnan

    'America has more invested in Southeast Asia than it has in India, China and Japan combined,' Dr Balakrishnan told NPR's Rachel Martin in a radio ...
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    Commentary: Is ASEAN's economic integration still a work in progress?

    That ASEAN has not deepened intra-regional trade ties means that opportunities have been lost, argues NUS Business School's Andrew Delios.
  3. ASEAN Secretary General Le Luong Minh

    ASEAN’s position on North Korea 'clear and consistent': Sec-Gen

  4. asean venue

    Trade and South China Sea likely issues on agenda at ASEAN Summit: Experts

    Experts say trade and the South China Sea dispute - both of which are issues that Singapore has a keen interest in - are likely to take centre stage.
  5. First 'Silk Road' train from Britain leaves for China

    Commentary: One Belt, One Road gaining traction but unanswered questions leave funding uncertain

    Coming to four years since China’s unveiling of the One Belt One Road initiative, many substantial questions remain, which has implications for ...
  6. HK tram Apr 6

    Driver arrested after HK tram flips over, injuring 14

    It is not clear what caused the accident. The South China Morning Post reported the driver of the westbound tram may have lost control of the vehicle.
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    Man caught smuggling more than 1,000 diamonds in shoes

    A man was caught trying to smuggle more than 1,000 diamonds into Shenzhen city from neighbouring Hong Kong by hiding them in his shoes, China's ...
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    Wary of China, Duterte tells navy to build 'structures' east of Philippines

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the navy to put up "structures" to assert sovereignty over a stretch of water east of the ...