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  1. Computer graphic handout image shows Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Hayabusa 2 probe arr

    Japan space probe on its way back after asteroid mission

    A Japanese space probe is heading home from an asteroid 250 million km (155 million miles) from Earth after collecting sub-surface samples that ...
  2. Virgin Galactic rocket plane, the WhiteKnightTwo carrier airplane, with SpaceShipTwo passenger craf

    Commentary: Space travel? Virgin Galactic leads the race

    Richard Branson's space travel company has recently listed and, according to Trinity College Dublin's Louis Brennan, it is poised to provide ...
  3. boeing starliner

    Boeing tests space crew capsule, reports problem with parachute

  4. U.S. astronauts Koch and Meir attempt the first all-female spacewalk outside the ISS

    US astronauts embark on the first all-female spacewalk

    US astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir made history on Friday when they stepped outside the International Space Station (ISS) on the first ...
  5. Alexei Leonov

    First man to conduct spacewalk, Alexei Leonov, dies

    Alexei Leonov, a Soviet-era cosmonaut who was the first man to conduct a spacewalk in 1965, died in Moscow on Friday (Oct 11) aged 85 after a long ...
  6. Comet C/2019 Q4 is imaged by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

    Newfound comet likely an 'interstellar visitor,' scientists say

    A newly discovered comet hurtling towards the orbit of Mars has scientists scurrying to confirm whether it came from outside the solar system, a ...
  7. FILE PHOTO: Student walk past a screen during a live streaming of Chandrayaan-2 landing at an educa

    India's moon mission locates landing craft, no communication yet

    India has located the spacecraft it was trying to land on the moon but has not been able to establish communication with it yet, the Indian Space ...
  8. SpaceCom

    Trump launches new Pentagon command for space warfare