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  1. Opportunity, NASA's six-wheeled Mars rover

    NASA bids adieu to Mars rover Opportunity that kept going and going

    A remarkably durable NASA rover designed to traverse the surface of Mars for three months has stopped communicating with Earth after 15 years of ...
  2. Branson listens to speeches as he is inducted into the Flight Path Walk of Fame in Los Angeles

    Billionaire Richard Branson says he'll fly to space by July

  3. Scientists hope samples from the Ryugu asteroid will shed light on the origins of the solar system

    Japan's Hayabusa2 probe to land on asteroid on Feb 22

    A Japanese probe sent to examine an asteroid in order to shed light on the origins of the solar system is expected to land on the rock later this ...
  4. The Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft carrying the crew of astronaut Nick Hague of the U.S. and cosmonaut Alex

    Defect found on Russian rocket ahead of US OneWeb launch: Agencies

  5. Observations gathered from the collaboration could help future missions to the Moon, pictured over

    NASA and China collaborate on moon exploration

    The space agencies of the United States and China are coordinating efforts on moon exploration, NASA said Friday, as it navigates a strict legal ...
  6. China unveiled a partial model of its manned space station at an aerospace fair in Zhuhai

    Commentary: The growing, secret space programme behind China's moon landing

    China's landing of a probe on the far side of the moon is a technological achievement and another sign of China's capabilities and ambitions, says ...
  7. Model of the moon lander for China's Chang'e 4 lunar probe is displayed at the Zhuhai Air

    China 'lifts mysterious veil' by landing probe on dark side of the moon

    A Chinese space probe successfully touched down on the far side of the moon on Thursday, the space agency said, hailing the event as a historic ...
  8. China lands probe on dark side of the moon

    China lands probe on far side of moon in global first

  9. Branson watches the take off of Virgin Galactic’s carrier airplane carrying a space tourism rocket

    Virgin Galactic completes manned space test, more flights soon

    A Virgin Galactic rocket plane blasted to the edge of space on Thursday, capping off years of difficult testing to become the first U.S.
  10. The Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft carring the next International Space Station (ISS) crew blasts off from

    Russia launches first manned voyage to ISS since rocket accident

    A Russian-made Soyuz rocket blasted a three-man crew into orbit on Monday, beginning the first manned voyage to the International Space Station ...