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  1. Comet C/2019 Q4 is imaged by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

    Newfound comet likely an 'interstellar visitor,' scientists say

    A newly discovered comet hurtling towards the orbit of Mars has scientists scurrying to confirm whether it came from outside the solar system, a ...
  2. Actress Natalie Portman

    Natalie Portman joins Hollywood space race with Lucy in the Sky

  3. An ESA/Hubble artist's impression of the K2-18b super-Earth

    Water discovered for first time in atmosphere of habitable exoplanet

  4. FILE PHOTO: Student walk past a screen during a live streaming of Chandrayaan-2 landing at an educa

    India's moon mission locates landing craft, no communication yet

    India has located the spacecraft it was trying to land on the moon but has not been able to establish communication with it yet, the Indian Space ...
  5. SpaceCom

    Trump launches new Pentagon command for space warfare

  6. The lifesize robot named Fedor -- short for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research --

    Spacecraft carrying Russian humanoid robot docks at ISS

    An unmanned spacecraft carrying Russia's first humanoid robot to be sent into orbit successfully docked at the International Space Station on ...
  7. The life-size robot, named Fedor, was to spend 10 days learning to assist astronauts in the space

    Russian spacecraft carrying humanoid robot fails to dock with space station

    A Soyuz spacecraft carrying Russia's first humanoid robot on Saturday failed to dock automatically with the international space station, Moscow ...
  8. Fedor has Instagram and Twitter accounts

    Russia sends its first humanoid robot 'Fedor' into space

    Russia was set to launch on Thursday an unmanned rocket carrying a life-size humanoid robot that will spend 10 days learning to assist astronauts ...
  9. Hyperbola-1 rocket of Chinese space company iSpace takes off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Cent

    After historic rocket launch, Chinese startup to ramp up missions