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  1. Monkey business

    Commentary: To reduce wildlife attacking humans, stop feeding them

    It is time to get serious about both education and enforcement when it comes to feeding wildlife in Singapore, says SPCA’s Executive Director.
  2. pest control company snake removal

    Commentary: Are we inept at handling wild animals that come our way?

    Growing up in a sanitised, concrete jungle, many of us have little interaction or experience with animals thus amplifying our fear responses, says ...
  3. Platinium missing dog

    Commentary: Want stronger protection for animals? Empower animal welfare groups to carry out enforcement

    Countries like New Zealand and Australia empower their SPCA-equivalent to bring animal offenders to justice, President of SOSD Dr Siew Tuck Wah ...
  4. New Content Item

    Dogs dragged to their death, starved and abused: The rising number of animal cruelty reports

    AVA attributed the increase to greater awareness of animal welfare, as well as an increased willingness to report and provide useful information.