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  1. MSF early intervention

    MSF to enhance early intervention framework; more support for children with developmental needs

    It will also increase its subsidies for early intervention programmes, with parents having to pay between 30 and 70 per cent less on average, it ...
  2. inclusive preschools 1

    Little tweaks, with a big difference: The value proposition of inclusive preschools

    A growing number of preschools in Singapore are beginning to offer an "inclusive model", where children with special needs are fully integrated ...
  3. Mdm Tay MBS 1

    Helping disabled and disadvantaged cooks find the opportunity to showcase their skills

    She may be deaf, but Mdm Tay Lee Keng did not let that stop her from becoming a skilled baker. Now, the 62-year old Dignity Kitchen beneficiary is ...
  4. Rahayu Mahzam  1

    Embracing the experience: MP Rahayu Mahzam on parenting a son with Down Syndrome

    Member of Parliament Rahayu Mahzam recently revealed in Parliament that her 16-month-old son, Ayden, has Down Syndrome. She speaks to Channel ...
  5. Rahayu Mahzam

    Promoting inclusivity in education: Singapore still has some way to go, says MP Rahayu Mahzam

    Speaking on a Parliamentary motion titled "Education for Our Future", the MP pointed out that while society is now more open and accepting of ...
  6. MOE Special Needs

    More support for Allied Educators to meet growing number of special needs students

  7. Allied Educators support students with special needs in mainstream schools
    Media playtime

    Allied Educators support students with special needs in mainstream schools

    There are currently close to 500 Allied Educators with roles in learning and behavioural support. The Education Ministry says this figure is set ...
  8. SMRT inclusive service prog

    Frontline SMRT staff to undergo training to help commuters with special needs

  9. Miss Possibilities (2016 pageant)

    Presenting Miss Possibilities, a special beauty pageant for special people

    Inspired by her eldest daughter who has Down syndrome, former beauty queen Suzanna Pavadee Vicheinrut Yuzon’s annual Miss Possibilities pageant ...