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  1. New Content Item
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    Ep 1: Wizards Of Tech: Body

    An anime fan 3D-printing bespoke pills that render complicated dosage a thing of the past. A Star Wars geek turning sci-fi into reality with his ...
  2. TurtleTree Labs HERO

    This Singapore biotech start-up is making milk without animals or humans

    Can milk be made in a lab, and can it be more environmentally friendly? The founders behind TurtleTree Labs envision a world where milk and dairy ...
  3. Start-UP S6
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    Ep 4: Life-Changing Tech

    Printed Power pitches to a potential partner while MoneyTable's proposed strategy for its app usage gets critiqued. And UangTeman pushes hard to ...
  4. Innovation And Impact
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    Ep 6: Innovation And Impact

    Whether it's fixing issues, creating new products or charting a go-to-market plan, we get final updates on where our 6 tech companies stand since ...
  5. Start-UP S6
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    Ep 5: Improving Businesses Everywhere

    Attempting to solve connectivity issues, Dattabot pitches to a telco company. TSC moves closer to creating a product for a larger audience. And ...
  6. Funding for deep tech start-ups: Firms say not just about money, but ideas too | Video
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    Funding for deep tech start-ups: Firms say not just about money, but ideas too | Video

    When it comes to investment in deep technology, it seems it is not just about money, but about ideas too. Companies CNA spoke to said finding the ...
  7. Start-UP S6
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    Ep 3: Revolutionising An Industry

    The Stakeholder Company looks at repackaging its intelligence systems product while Nusantara Technology lands an opportunity for overseas expansion.
  8. Remaking Leather
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    Ep 3: Remaking Leather

    Orders for their leather material made out of mushrooms are coming in thick and fast. Based in Bandung in Indonesia, Mycotech must figure a way to ...
  9. New Content Item
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    Ep 5: Sustainability Tech Singapore

    Necessity is the mother of invention in Singapore where sustainability tech is emerging as a vibrant sector. Dinesh Balasingam of Chope uncovers ...
  10. OTRD young app developer Dalton fit to flab

    At 14 his first start-up failed. Now he’s CTO of a new tech venture at 18

    There are the long hours of juggling work and school, the stress-eating, the struggle to get taken seriously by investors. But polytechnic student ...