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  1. Devon Erickson

    Teen suspects in Colorado school shooting formally charged

  2. New Content Item

    Props to Victoria School, winner of National Science Challenge 2018

    The team’s confident presentation and innovative use of materials impressed the judges
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: We now live in a ‘science fiction world'. We need to boost STEM education

    STEM education offers fresh hope for dealing with a ‘science-fiction’ world, says PSB Academy CEO Derrick Chang.
  4. Josephine Teo and gong

    More women needed in science, technology sectors: Josephine Teo

  5. Cambodia officials torch pile of drugs

    Southeast Asian nations torch US$1b of seized drugs

    Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia torched nearly US$1 billion worth of seized narcotics on Monday (Jun 26), a defiant show of force as police ...