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  1. Composite image of woman at MBS without mask and woman making race-related comments on video in MRT

    Commentary: When we call people with strange behaviour mentally ill, we reinforce mental health stigma

    Ridiculing those who disturb public peace or break the law by saying they’re “crazy” assumes mental illnesses will lead to destructive behaviour, ...
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    Ep 1: A Face In The Crowd

    Battling Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Le Yong strives for a life in which he can discern who he really is, beyond the distorted image and ...
  3. Irritated skin

    Commentary: Low self-esteem, depression and frequent flare-ups plague growing numbers of eczema sufferers

    As a society, we must overcome the shameful stigma that those who suffer from eczema bear, says dermatologist Dr Joyce Lim.