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  1. Grab US SPAC Merger

    Commentary: Grab’s blockbuster deal comes at questionable time for SPAC market

    Some special acquisition purpose company deals are genuinely innovative, but others feel like the last days of a bubble, says the Financial Times’ ...
  2. Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk (pictured December 2020) has cultivated an "outlaw, outsider

    Commentary: The fratboy folly of Elon Musk, self-anointed Technoking

    When the Tesla chief comes up with bad jokes, they don’t end up in the bin, says the Financial Times’ Henry Mance.
  3. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: The logo of the Bitcoin digital currency is seen in a shop in Marseille

    Commentary: Bitcoin, the 12-year-old bubble that could eventually be worth nothing

    In contrast to other assets like gold, Bitcoin is purely speculative. Its value is whatever markets say it is, says Willem H Buiter.
  4. Financial Markets Wall Street

    After the chaos of 2020, what’s ahead for equity markets this year?

    2020 was an extraordinary year for equities. After hitting extreme highs and extreme lows, the last month of 2020 saw new highs on Wall Street.
  5. dogecoin

    Commentary: Is Dogecoin the next investment craze after GameStop?

    The price of the “memecoin” surged more than 800 per cent on Jan 29 – a boost coinciding with that of GameStop’s share price, say finance professors.
  6. Market Euphoria?
    Media playtime

    Ep 35: Market Euphoria?

    US equities are on a tear, so is the stock market overheating? Why the chips are stacked in favour of the semiconductor industry. Plus - tips on ...
  7. US Election 2020
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    Ep 28: US Election 2020

    It's a battle for the heart and soul of the United States, but what does the presidential election mean for the money matters of investors in Asia?
  8. FILE PHOTO: GameStop logo is seen in this illustration

    Commentary: GameStop insanity has painful lessons on short-selling and more for retail investors

    While the story has been framed as a modern David versus Goliath tale, the incident underscores the need to educate retail investors of investment ...