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  1. China IPO Target
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    Ep 21: China IPO Target

    Why Chinese companies are looking closer to home, for their market debuts. Also - after hitting record highs, is gold still a safe haven investment?
  2. Bull Market?
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    Ep 20: Bull Market?

    The US stock market rally - bull run or bubble? How to find beaten-down stocks, that could bounce back. And how Singapore banks are cashing in on ...
  3. C-Suite: Interview with Adam Reynolds, CEO, Saxo Markets
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    C-Suite: Interview with Adam Reynolds, CEO, Saxo Markets

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
  4. FILE PHOTO: A visitor wearing protective face mask, following an outbreak of the coronavirus, walks

    Commentary: Should government bailouts restrict stock buybacks?

    Much depends on governments’ specific objectives for the bailouts and whether supporting the stock market is a key goal, says NUS Business School ...
  5. SGX 06 - file photo

    Commentary: SGX sees boom in retail investments. But can it last?

    The last time the Singapore stock market saw such a major surge in retail participation was probably during the 1993 initial public offering (IPO) ...
  6. Viable Lifeline?
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    Ep 12: Viable Lifeline?

    Troubled SembMarine gets a lifeline. Should investors subscribe? The outlook for the markets, after a rocky start to the year. And seeing the ...
  7. Fine wine investment

    Amid volatile markets, fine wine has performed better than global stocks

    Prices of fine wines have held up well this year compared with other asset classes. In the first three months of 2020, the MSCI’s world equity ...