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  1. New Content Item

    STI generates 6.5% decline in total returns in 2018: SGX

  2. New Content Item

    Singapore stocks slump to 20-month low on global sell-off

  3. starhub

    StarHub shares close at 4-month high after announcing job cuts, restructuring

  4. New Content Item

    SGX sees share buyback boom: Why and what does it mean for investors?

    Year to date, share buybacks by Singapore-listed firms have exceeded S$1 billion in value, with August being a bumper month.
  5. Koufu CEO Pang LIm

    From food court to IPO: Koufu fires up appetite for expansion

    Hungry for growth, the Singapore-listed F&B firm has plans for overseas expansion and a new integrated facility on its plate.
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    Take shelter in Singapore banks, defensive stocks amid trade worries, ‘ghost of August’: Analysts

    Analysts are advising investors to reposition into defensive plays in a period of uncertainty.
  7. Singapore residential housing

    Singapore stocks hit 14-month low after surprise housing curbs

    Some market analysts have downgraded their ratings on the property sector, with one expecting a share price correction of 5 to 10 per cent.
  8. SGX

    Singapore stock rally set to continue for another six months: Experts

  9. New Content Item

    'Stars are aligned' for Singapore stocks to go higher in 2018: Analysts

    Local developers and banks remain the top picks for the new year.