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  1. Saleswoman holds e-cigarette at Vape Shop in Beijing

    E-cigarette use 'skyrocketing' among young Americans: Report

  2. File photo of students taking their seats for the diploma ceremony at Harvard University in Cambrid

    Commentary: Students aren't learning enough - a brewing crisis in higher education

    Society expects education to help students hone their skills to contribute to the economy, but higher education isn't meeting this need, two ...
  3. shalom lim

    Extra time, partial exemptions: More students with special needs seeking exam support

    The number of students who applied for special exam provisions has doubled over the last decade, said the Ministry of Education.
  4. St Hilda's Secondary School fight

    Commentary: Focus on preventing bullying, instead of how frequent it occurs

    Whatever the picture statistics paint, we need to focus on preventing bullying, says Yale-NUS College’s Cheung Hoi Shan.
  5. file singapore school students laptops phones

    Singapore schools to introduce e-learning portal from 2018

    The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), currently being piloted at 62 primary and secondary schools, will be rolled out in phases to all ...
  6. (pp) Blind teacher 1

    Cambodian teacher lights up world for blind students

    Phalla Neang is the first teacher of the blind in Cambodia and the pioneer of Khmer Braille. Throughout her life, she has been fighting to show ...