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  1. tea leaves

    Drinking tea can help prevent dementia: NUS study

    Tea leaves contain bioactive compounds which can help protect the brain from vascular damage and neurodegeneration, according to a study released ...
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    Physical therapy programmes reduce bad falls among elderly: Study

    Researchers find that although those who participated in the physical therapy programmes did not have fewer falls, their falls were less severe ...
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    Yellow taxis less likely to get into accidents: Study

    National University of Singapore researchers analysed data from ComfortDelgro's 16,700 taxis over three years.
  4. Roche Tamiflu

    Flu meds do not harm unborn babies: Study

    Unborn children suffer no harm when their mothers take flu medication during pregnancy, a study of 700,000 women said Wednesday.
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    Smoking costs US$1 trillion, soon to kill 8 million a year: WHO/NCI study

    Smoking costs the global economy more than US$1 trillion a year, and will kill one third more people by 2030 than it does now, according to a ...