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  1. Best swimsuits for women

    Ready for a dip? Here are the hottest swimsuits to flaunt your beach bod

    The latest crop of swimwear has made the transition from pool to pavement much more seamless.
  2. Virgil Abloh Off White Paris fashion week

    Hotshot designer Virgil Abloh brings out stars for Off White Paris fashion show

    The style superstar, who also heads Louis Vuitton’s menswear line, brought out Gigi Hadid who wore a white tuxedo adorned by designs by legendary ...
  3. Dressing cool in this heat

    Beat the heat: How to dress up for work without worrying about sweat stains

    It’s sweltering hot outside but freezing inside your office – deciding what to wear can be frustrating. Don’t sweat it – you can still feel cool ...
  4. Sports bra HERO

    Choosing the right sports bra can make exercise a less painful experience

    Ladies, you’ll need the right support to improve your workout performance. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the single most important ...
  5. Clarins V shaping facial lift Zhong Chuxi

    Testing out the serum that's meant to lift and contour your face in minutes

    CNA Lifestyle was in Shanghai to put Clarins’ new V Shaping Facial Lift contouring serum to the test. Spoiler alert: It works.
  6. Ethan Koh of luxury bag label Ethan K

    The luxury customer is getting younger, so this bag maker is changing his DNA

    London-based Singaporean handbag designer Ethan Koh is moving away from the exotic skins associated with his family and label Ethan K to focus on ...
  7. Mens essential footwear Hero

    Up your style game: The biggest trends in men's casual footwear right now

    Hiking boots, chunky sneakers, leather slippers and – yes – even sports sandals are all the rage right now. "Casual" is clearly having a moment.
  8. Diamond Innovators

    The innovators creating a beauty future with sustainable, ethical diamonds

    These lab-grown gems are physically and chemically the same as diamonds mined from the earth. A collaboration with Dover Street Market hopes to ...
  9. SK-II CEO Sandeep Seth

    SK-II CEO: We're using artificial intelligence to transform the way you shop

    Welcome to the "phygital” age, says Sandeep Seth, where offline retail stores harness the benefits of online technology to give power back to the ...
  10. Foundation Main

    Are you making these common mistakes with your foundation? Help is here

    Too light? Too cakey? Too much? Here's expert advice so you can understand your skin type and get the basics rights for a bright, natural look.