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  1. Zoe Tay and her makeup artist Peter Khor

    Zoe Tay’s makeup artist on how to look younger than you really are

    You don't want a makeup regimen that makes you look older when you're in your 30s or 40s. Celebrity makeup artist Peter Khor tells us how to take ...
  2. Women in Chanel tweed suits

    How to save time and money on your work wardrobe with just 6 key essentials

    Dressing for work needn't be a chore. Mix and match these everyday basics for a winning corporate wardrobe.
  3. Photo Versace China T-shirt

    Fashion faux pas: Versace, Coach, Givenchy apologise for errors on T-shirts

    The luxury brands were criticised after listing Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as separate countries on the clothes.
  4. Donatella Versace walks down the catwalk after her Versace presentation in New York

    Versace apologises after T-shirt triggers fierce criticism in China

    "Never have I wanted to disrespect China's National Sovereignty and this is why I wanted to personally apologize for such inaccuracy and for any ...
  5. Deciding what to wear can be a daunting task

    Fashion how-to: Styling hacks that Kim Kardashian keeps under her corset

    From styling tips to alteration hacks and everything in between, looking stunning comes from managing the details.
  6. Shoemaker Teresa Chong flies the Singapore flag high in the realm of quality men's shoes

    Meet the Singaporean woman making men's shoes using a guy's name

    Entrepreneur Teresa Chong is the woman behind the label Jonathan Abel, and she's finding a unique fit in the traditionally male-dominated ...
  7. pat mcgrath makeup line is now available in singapore

    The world's most influential makeup artist has launched her products in Singapore

    Makeup junkies will recognise the name Pat McGrath (personally approved by Anna Wintour). These are the five new-to-town beauty brands you should ...
  8. Illustration of men's shoes

    Gentlemen, understated style is what you want with shoes – here's where to get it

    On the search for men’s shoes that exude class and sophistication? Subtlety is the best accessory.
  9. A selection of high jewellery from luxury brands

    Luxury of your wildest dreams: The very best of high jewellery in 2019

    From Shakespeare to the desert and medieval figures, the inspirations guiding this year’s high jewellery launches are vast and exciting.
  10. A close up of a woman's neck

    The skin on your neck can betray your age – here's how to keep it firm and smooth

    Many people put a lot of effort and time into facial care but often overlook the neck area. From moisturising to yoga, here are ways to fix that.