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  1. Style Switch Jean Tham Hero

    Style Switch: Helping this mother-of-two get in touch with her feminine side once more

    At 56, Jean Tham wants to start ‘living for herself’ and with a little help from a Style Switch makeover, she’s now at the start of her ...
  2. Style Switch season 2

    'You don't need a lot of money to look good': Style advice for professionals

    Style Switch host Yang Derong doles out practical wardrobe tips for busy professionals at CNA Lifestyle's styling workshop. Shop better, he says, ...
  3. Style Switch Hardi Ridhwan

    Style Switch: Helping this financial consultant dress for success – and for his personality

    Former teacher Ridhwan Hardi is feeling the pressure to succeed in his new career, but doesn’t know how to pair professionalism with his outsized ...
  4. Style Switch Jeannie Loo

    Style Switch: Getting this working mum out of hand-me-downs and into her own style

    Teacher Jeannie Loo’s wardrobe was full of her sister’s old clothes and her favourite maternity dress. We showed her how good style can absolutely ...
  5. Style Switch John Kim

    Style Switch: Taking this venture capitalist from sloppy casual to sharp professional

    From black-tie events to kids’ birthday parties, busy businessman John Kim struggles to dress appropriately for everything his day requires. CNA ...
  6. Style Switch Danielle Chin

    Style Switch: How to dress for your body when you’re taller than most women

    Tall, beautiful but unschooled in style, bo chap working professional Danielle Chin learns how it doesn’t take much to turn heads for the right ...
  7. Style switch - Wilson Foo

    Style Switch: How we turned this lawyer from dishevelled to dapper

    Wilson Foo doesn’t worry too much about clothes – he doesn’t even shop for himself. Here's how CNA Lifestyle pulled off a handsome makeover with ...