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  1. TP ep 32 - healthy bubble tea
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    Ep 32: Will We EVER Get Healthy Bubble Tea?

    Host Steve Chia goes in search of the elusive healthy bubble tea and finds out how drinking the sweetened beverage for a month has wrecked his health.
  2. TP ep 31 - bubble tea
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    Ep 31: What’s Our Obsession With Bubble Tea Doing To Us?

    We know it’s loaded with sugar, but we’re still addicted to it. In this first of two episodes, Steven Chia explores if there’s more behind our ...
  3. TP ep 27 - sugar substitute
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    Ep 27: Which Sugar Substitute Is Best For Me?

    Since January 2020, Singaporeans have consumed over 40 tonnes of sugar substitutes. These sweeteners promise to leave a sweet taste without ...
  4. Singaporeans consuming fewer calories, but sugar and salt intake remains high | Video
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    Singaporeans consuming fewer calories, but sugar and salt intake remains high | Video

    Singaporeans are eating better and consuming fewer calories overall, the latest National Nutrition Survey released on Monday (Nov 19) showed, but ...
  5. TP ep 21 - fruit juice
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    Ep 21: What’s Really In My Fruit Juice?

    Ready-made packet juices. They’re convenient and the options are endless: from No Sugar Added, to All Natural and Fresh. In this episode, we find ...
  6. File photo of soft drinks

    New nutrient summary labels for pre-packaged drinks to be rolled out

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    Manufacturers supportive of new regulations for pre-packaged sweetened drinks

  8. File photo of sweet drinks

    Commentary: Want to fight the sugar problem? Start counting calories

    It’s easier to cut down on our sugar intake if we know how many calories each beverage we intend to consume has, says weight loss author Ian Tan.
  9. Sugar Image 1

    Sugar, the sweet danger you've been ignoring

    There is hidden sugar in what we eat and drink. Here is what you need to know to get sugar-savvy.