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  1. Thousands of people have been move to shelters amid devastating floods and landslides in

    Indonesia flood death toll tops 100, dozens still missing

  2. The rescue effort at the remote site on Indonesia's Sulawesi island has been hampered by steep

    Seven dead, dozens buried in Indonesia mine collapse

    At least seven people have died and dozens more are still trapped beneath the rubble of an illegal gold mine that collapsed in Indonesia, ...
  3. People receiving aid in Palu

    Commentary: Indonesia's disappearing languages - all because of climate change

    Sulawesi's languages are disappearing as many small communities relocate due to climate change, says one linguist from Queen's University.
  4. A member of the Indonesian special operations Mobile Brigade Corps patrols Petobo neighborhood hit

    Indonesia's double disaster exposes earthquake lessons not learned

    The young man standing atop a mound of grey mud and debris on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, waiting for an excavator he hoped would dig out ...
  5. A family searches for their belongings in the remains of their home in the Petobo neighbourhood whi

    Search called off in Indonesian quake-tsunami: Official

  6. Recoverd personal items are pictured outside a home in the earthquake and liquefaction affected Bal

    Search for victims of Indonesia disaster extended; three dead in Java quake

    Rescue workers scoured the rubble of devastated communities on Indonesia's Sulawesi island on Thursday, the last day of the search for victims of a 7.
  7. Residents queue for cooking gas in Palu, which was devastated by the September 28 quake-tsunami

    Commentary: Destruction slowly ripples through Indonesia after Palu quake

    Central Sulawesi’s rural areas could ultimately suffer the most, says one anthropologist.