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  1. Indonesia haze helicopter

    No haze from South Sumatra this year, Indonesian governor promises

    South Sumatra governor Alex Noerdin pledged this at the fourth Sustainable World Resources dialogue, even as climatologists expect drier weather ...
  2. Asia Default Image

    Massive restoration of peatland forest in Sumatra underway

    Located in the Riau province, the 150,000 hectares of peatland store several gigatons of carbon, which if released into the atmosphere could have ...
  3. There are fewer than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, activists say

    Indonesia arrests 3 men accused of poaching Sumatran tigers

    The alleged wildlife poachers were believed to have hunted the tigers within the protected forests of Mount Leuser National Park on Indonesia's ...
  4. Rama tiger

    Rare tiger dies at Indonesia's 'death zoo'

    The male tiger, named Rama, died of heart failure at the zoo in the city of Surabaya.