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  1. A woman wearing a medical face mask

    Is that face mask causing your sensitive skin to break out? A doctor's helpful tips

    Wearing one is the new normal – but our skin might not be used to it. CNA Lifestyle has a step-by-step guide – and yes, you can still wear makeup.
  2. Skincare essentials for a summer holiday

    More than sunscreen: The skincare essentials to pack for your summer getaway

    Ten skincare must-haves to look and feel great on your warm-weather vacay.
  3. Sunscreen

    Still sunburnt even after applying sunscreen? Here’s what you're doing wrong

    It's all about the level of sun protection and its staying power. Here's how to pick the right sunscreen to keep sun damage and skin issues at bay.
  4. Sunblock

    Sunscreen products in Singapore found to have UV filters within 'permissible limit': CASE

    In excessive amounts, UV filters have been associated with skin allergies and other health problems, the consumer watchdog said.
  5. Beach

    The burning issue: 6 sunscreens to save your skin

    Prolonged exposure in the sun can give you skin cancer. Nip that in the bud now by getting the right sun protection.