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  1. Supermoon at Pinnacle@Duxton 3

    Biggest supermoon of 2019 lights up Singapore sky

  2. greece fake supermoon

    Fake super blue blood moon broadcast by EBUZZ on Facebook

  3. Super blue blood moon in Singapore AFP

    There's a 'super blue blood moon' on the rise

  4. Super blue moon Singapore

    A once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence on Jan 31

  5. Supermoon Myanmar

    In pictures: The year's final full moon is a supermoon

  6. Waterspout SG

    Five on Friday: 5 unusual natural world sightings in Singapore

    In our regular light-hearted look at what has been making the headlines, Ramesh William recalls some other rare sightings apart from the "fire ...
  7. Supermoon Singapore Nov 13

    Highlights: Largest supermoon in decades

    The supermoon on Monday will be the closest to Earth since 1948, making it an “extra-supermoon”.
  8. supermoon 2

    Supermoon on Nov 14 will be the biggest of the 21st century

    The full moon will not come this close to Earth again until Nov 25, 2034, says NASA.