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  1. Tough Times, Good Business
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    Ep 1: Tough Times, Good Business

    Surprising strategies to ride out tough times. Why do some companies invest, spend on infrastructure, expansion and hiring during uncertain times ...
  2. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Feeding A City: The Suppliers

    When you import 90% of your food, any disruptions to the global supply chain - food shortages, price hikes, even panic buying - will have ...
  3. Central Bank Action
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    Ep 43: Central Bank Action

    What is being done to prevent a credit crunch during the COVID-19 pandemic? Getting creative with supply chains after the coronavirus disruptions.
  4. New Deal
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    Ep 8: New Deal

    The dollars and cents of the dormitory business model in the post-COVID world. Seeding a food-resilient future for Singapore, despite supply chain ...
  5. Changing Times
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    Ep 14: Changing Times

    What's behind Wall Street's tug-of-war with the economy? Saving money on your mortgage: the refinancing and repricing options. And what COVID-19 ...
  6. In Con FY20 Ep 10
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    Ep 10: Kristalina Georgieva, the International Monetary Fund's Managing Director

    Nearly 500 million jobs have been lost in the pandemic so far. But is the worst of the recession over? Or are darker days still ahead? In ...
  7. O&M Deal?
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    Ep 18: O&M Deal?

    The outlook for the offshore and marine sector, after market moves over Keppel and SembMarine. New players fill gaps left by traditional banks.
  8. Power Balance
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    Ep 19: Power Balance

    The post-pandemic balance of power between the world's two largest economies - who will come out on top, the United States or China, and what does ...
  9. Ep 5
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    Ep 5: Levelling Up The Last Mile

    2 in 5 Singaporeans report shopping online more during the pandemic and some experts think this habit is likely to stay. While digital shopping ...
  10. CNA+: Interview with Scott Russell, President, Asia Pacific Japan, SAP
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    CNA+: Interview with Scott Russell, President, Asia Pacific Japan, SAP

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".