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    Ep 1: The Chef And The Sea

    Chef Anthony lands himself in Ahangama, a small seaside town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Other than taming a surfboard bent on toppling ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Italo Ferreira from Brazil surfs a wave during the WSL championship at Supertubo beach

    Olympics-Surfing wants cut of Games' revenues as permanent sport-president

    Surfing should be eligible for a cut of Olympic Games revenues distributed by the International Olympic Committee, after being picked for the 2024 ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Joint news conference between Bach and Mori in Tokyo

    Olympics: Surfing and breakdancing among four sports to win Paris 2024 spot

    Breakdancing, surfing, skateboarding and sports climbing won a spot in the 2024 Paris Olympics when the International Olympic Committee ratified ...
  4. A shark swims close to World championship tour surfer Matt Wilkinson World at Sharpes Beach, New So

    Drone footage shows shark sizing up surfer in Australia

    A dramatic close encounter between Australian world championship surfer Matt Wilkinson and a shark off the east coast of the country was captured ...
  5. Italo Ferreira from Brazil surfs a wave during the WSL championship at Supertubo beach in Peniche

    With Olympics, world champ says surfing shreds image as sport for 'bums'

    On Wednesday, freshly crowned surfing world champion Italo Ferreira sliced through steep, fast-barrelling waves off Rio de Janeiro's Leblon beach ...
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    The one about food security, body shaming, saving a life and lives lost.

    Up for consideration this week - From Singapore topping the list for food security to the body shaming of Singapore's (first and only) Olympic ...