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  1. Italo Ferreira from Brazil surfs a wave during the WSL championship at Supertubo beach in Peniche

    With Olympics, world champ says surfing shreds image as sport for 'bums'

    On Wednesday, freshly crowned surfing world champion Italo Ferreira sliced through steep, fast-barrelling waves off Rio de Janeiro's Leblon beach ...
  2. Good List Bad List dual thumbnail
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    The one about food security, body shaming, saving a life and lives lost.

    Up for consideration this week - From Singapore topping the list for food security to the body shaming of Singapore's (first and only) Olympic ...
  3. Tom Kay, founder of sustainable outdoor wear brand Finisterre, tests the prototype of what they bel

    Surfing gets sustainable with first recyclable wetsuit

    Surf culture often prides itself on an affinity for nature. But there's a dirty secret hiding in many surfers' cupboards - old wetsuits.
  4. Yang Yang surfing South Korea

    More Koreans catching the waves at beaches near demilitarised zone

  5. Surfing 1

    Riding G-Land: Indonesia’s big-wave surfing wonder of the world

    Plengkung Beach - known as G-Land - is considered one of the best big wave breaks in the world, with long running, perfectly forming barrels. But ...