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    Home Team’s new science and tech agency to focus on robots, surveillance capability: Josephine Teo

    The Second Minister for Home Affairs says it plans to table a bill to establish the agency as a statutory board under the ministry
  2. Go-Jek driver

    Commentary: The ubiquity of cameras and social media fuels unhealthy mob behaviours

    The viral Go-Jek video shows how the prevalence of cameras and our human desire to share is leading us to share things to invite judgement, says ...
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    Commentary: Huawei charges are killing prospects of a US-China trade deal

    This perfect storm will evoke bitter memories for China’s top negotiator as he arrives in Washington, says one observer at the Financial Times.
  4. FILE PHOTO: SenseTime surveillance software identifying details about people and vehicles runs as a

    Commentary: Rating citizens - can China’s social credit system fix its trust deficit?

    The gamification of behaviour over the long run may also promote a culture in which good deeds are valued for their attendant incentives and not ...