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  1. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Happiness Is Bespoke Lingerie

    Meet an American-Japanese chef and his invasive species menu, a lady who creates one-of-a-kind bespoke lingerie in Japan, and a home that ...
  2. Bun Lai Miya's

    Who is the mastermind behind the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant?

    Don’t visit Miya’s expecting traditional Japanese fare. Maverick chef Bun Lai takes sustainability to the next level by serving sushi made of ...
  3. Head-Chef-Yoshio-Sakuta

    What a gut-busting, 15-course lunch at Singapore’s newest Japanese restaurant is like

    At Sushi Kou, an eight-seater omakase restaurant serving Edomae (Tokyo-style) sushi, there are only two menus available: A 13-course or 15-course ...
  4. Japanese food in Brazil

    Japanese with a tropical touch: The nikkei food scene in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Brazil is home to an estimated 1.9 million nikkei (descendants of Japanese immigrants), and Sao Paulo has 900 Japanese restaurants serving 500,000 ...
  5. Remarkable Living Gastronomy Kimura HERO

    The sushi chef doing the unthinkable – intentionally serving fish gone bad

    Most restauranteurs won’t think twice about throwing out food they think has gone bad. But Tokyo chef Koji Kimura has turned obstacles into ...
  6. edo sushi ayumu 8

    CNA Lifestyle Experiences: An Edomae-style omakase journey at Sushi Ayumu

    Five lucky CNA Lifestyle’s Facebook followers and their guests got a real taste of Tokyo, with Bafun Uni, wild kohada, and the "king of white fish".
  7. edo sushi sushi ayumu

    Experience an exclusive Edomae-style omakase worth S$350 at Sushi Ayumu

    CNA Lifestyle Experiences invites you and a partner to celebrate the freshest Edo Sushi (traditional Tokyo-style sushi) with head chef Ryoichi ...