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  1. coffee grounds experiment

    NYP team turns coffee waste into fire retardant

  2. A nascent movement against fast fashion is taking place in Hong Kong

    Commentary: Behind that fast fashion label is a story of modern slavery

    Greater transparency with respect to business operations can pave a more social conscious society, two observers point out.
  3. old sofa arm chair

    Commentary: One used sofa at a time, how upcycling slows waste

    By keeping products in use for as long as possible, websites are helping to reduce waste, says one observer.
  4. herd of brown and white cow in a farm

    Commentary: Eating less meat is a climate priority

    Two researchers from the University of Cambridge debunk claims that eating less meat has little impact on climate change.
  5. File photo of shopper walking down aisle in newly opened Walmart Neighborhood Market in Chicago

    Commentary: Walmart goes green, but grapples with what is 'sustainable enough' for shoppers

    Walmart's push for sustainability practices has seen promising early results, say two researchers.
  6. clothes on rack

    Commentary: Save the earth, rent your clothes instead of buying them

    How fashion is consumed has led consumers to buy and throw away more clothes but there's a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way ...
  7. electro-desalination facility

    Need more water? PUB aims to produce more with same amount of resources

  8. kranji farms fireflies workers

    Commentary: Timely landing by Singapore Airlines for farmers in the Kranji countryside

    Why would a big player like Singapore Airlines team up with local farmers? Kranji Countryside Association’s Manda Foo explains why this a step ...
  9. New Content Item

    Carbon tax regime timely, could boost Singapore's economy: Stakeholders

    The regime, if imposed efficiently, would boost jobs and investments into the clean-energy sector, they say.