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  1. Italy says Apple and Samsung have engaged in 'planned obsolescence' tricks

    Commentary: There is nothing inherently sustainable about going digital

    While digital technologies can facilitate environmental benefits, we shouldn’t assume they always do, says an expert.
  2. Creative Director of petit h Godefroy de Virieu and his team of designers and craftsmen

    A very rare visit to the Hermes workshop turning scrap into whimsical treasure

    'I didn't know I could do it as a job," said petit h creative director Godefroy de Virieu. And here he is, creating one-of-a-kind curiosities ...
  3. Reza Cockrell

    Meet the Malaysian entrepreneur leading Penang’s eco-tourism charge

    How Reza Cockrell, founder of The Habitat Penang Hill, is striving to create a commercially profitable yet sustainable eco-tourism business that ...
  4. Hermes petit h Singapore

    Now in Singapore: Hermes’s playful objects upcycled from leftover materials

    This is the second time the petit h collection is making a stopover in Singapore since 2013. This time round, the showcase includes pieces that ...
  5. Louis Vuitton New Classics for men

    Do Louis Vuitton’s New Classics bags encourage careful, considered spending?

    In the wake of the discussion on sustainability, the release of Virgil Abloh's New Classics collection follows a burgeoning movement in which ...
  6. A fish and vegetable farm on a hotel rooftop in the heart of Singapore? | Video
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    A fish and vegetable farm on a hotel rooftop in the heart of Singapore? | Video

    Nestled on the rooftop between Fairmont Singapore and Swissotel The Stamford is an aquaponics farm that can produce 1,200kg of vegetables and ...
  7. Not Business As Usual
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    Ep 4: Be Sustainable

    Precast and prefabrication are changing our construction industry. How did CEO Bob Chan help Greyform and the industry learn technology-inspired ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: Pump jacks operate in front of a drilling rig in an oil field in Midland

    Commentary: Big Oil talks a good low-carbon game but does little to back that up

    Big Oil must consider not only the economic advantages of investing in clean energy, but also the risks of continuing to pursue a fossil energy ...
  9. A worker prepares mycelium leather to be used for local products at Mycotech Eco Factory in West Ba

    Inspired by tempeh, Indonesian watchmaker makes leather straps from mushroom

    Bandung company Pala Nusantara uses these for watches priced between S$86 and S$125.