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  1. New Content Item

    Framework being developed for banks to assess green practices of borrowers

    The Singapore Institute of International Affairs is working with the UN Environment Programme and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to come up ...
  2. Green 7

    ASIA’S FUTURE CITIES: New buds of growth for Yangon's 'green movement'

    Where awareness and adaptation of green technologies has become more common in many developed nations, Myanmar has unsurprisingly lingered behind.
  3. i light - colourful garden of light

    In photos: What to expect at i Light Marina Bay 2017

    A look at the fifth edition of the sustainable light festival held in Singapore's Central Business District.
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    Transformation plan launched for Singapore's hotel industry to ensure sustainable growth

    The main strategies outlined include building manpower-lean business models, encouraging innovation and internationalisation, and developing a ...
  5. Mascot for sustainable-themed trains

    Themed trains to drive commuters towards green lifestyle

    One of the themed trains will run along the 18-station Downtown Line between Chinatown and Bukit Panjang stations, and the other train will ply ...