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  1. Syed Saddiq Singapore

    ‘I’ve learnt things I wouldn’t have elsewhere’: Malaysia’s Syed Saddiq on Singapore experience

    CNA spoke to one of Malaysia’s youngest MPs while he is in Singapore attending post-graduate classes.
  2. Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman

    Commentary: Malaysian youths will force a political reckoning some day. That day may be at hand

    The emergence of MUDA is a critique of Malaysia’s established parties and their role in the country’s sustained political stalemate, says an observer.
  3. Gymnastic shool Terengganu

    ‘I will never tolerate this’: Syed Saddiq on Terengganu's plans to bar women gymnasts from competing

    Malaysia's Minister for Youth and Sports says the federal government will absorb the young athletes who are being discriminated against by ...