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  1. shan sylvia

    K Shanmugam, Sylvia Lim cross swords in Parliament over GST hike timing

  2. sylvia lim workers' party

    Inequality a threat to Singapore's solidarity; needs to be looked into: Sylvia Lim

  3. Swearing in of President Halimah Yacob with Lee Hsien Loong and Sundaresh Menon

    Count for reserved Presidential Election was policy decision: Shanmugam

    The Law and Home Affairs Minister was responding to an adjournment motion by Workers’ Party chair Sylvia Lim on the reserved Presidential Election.
  4. sylvia lim workers' party

    Sylvia Lim to speak on Presidential Election at Oct 3 Parliament sitting

    The Workers' Party's adjournment motion on the topic was balloted out twice in previous rounds.
  5. Workers' Party new HQ opening

    Workers' Party opens new headquarters on 60th anniversary

  6. WP Sylvia Lim on Sep 12

    Workers' Party files motion on Presidential Election

  7. New Content Item

    Main purpose of AHTC lawsuit to account for S$33m: Experts