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  1. Israel Iron Dome defence system

    Israel threatens to 'destroy' Syrian air defence systems

    Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday (Mar 19) threatened to destroy Syrian air defence systems after they fired ground-to-air ...
  2. Syria air strike

    Russia asks Syria to halt bombing during UN peace talks

    Russia has called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop his bombing campaign while peace talks take place this week, but a political ...
  3. Palmyra destruction drone footage

    Russia releases drone footage of fresh Palmyra destruction

    The black-and-white video dated Feb 5 shows part of the Roman amphitheatre reduced to rubble and the tetrapylon, a 16-columned structure that ...
  4. Abu Talha

    Malaysian IS leader killed in Syria recruited members through Facebook: Police

    Zainuri Kamaruddin, 50, was a leader of Katibah Nusantara which is a Malay-speaking branch of IS, which groups together fighters from Malaysia, ...
  5. New Content Item

    Bypassing Obama, Russia invites Trump's team to Syria talks

    Turkey, which is co-hosting the talks with Russia, has said Washington would be asked to join the talks being held in the Kazakh capital Astana, ...
  6. Aleppo evacuation suspended, leaving thousands trapped

    Aleppo evacuation suspended, trapping thousands

    The operation was abruptly suspended, with the government accusing rebels of violating the terms of the accord.
  7. Aleppo Syria evacuation

    Russia calls for Syria ceasefire as rebel Aleppo evacuated

    Russia announced Friday (Dec 16) it was negotiating with the Syrian opposition and seeking a nationwide ceasefire, as the evacuation of civilians ...
  8. New Content Item

    Syria army pounds Aleppo rebels as Russia vows no let-up

    Syrian government artillery pummelled fast-shrinking rebel territory in Aleppo on Friday (Dec 8) as key regime backer Russia vowed no end to the ...
  9. New Content Item

    Turkey says pushing Aleppo talks between Russia, Syria opposition

    Ankara is doing "everything possible" to facilitate negotiations between Moscow and Syrian opposition groups to halt the bloodshed in Aleppo, ...
  10. Syria soldiers on apc

    UN warns of 'giant graveyard' as thousands flee Aleppo fighting

    The UN's aid chief warned on Wednesday (Nov 30) that Aleppo risked becoming a "giant graveyard" after more than 50,000 people were reported to ...