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  1. New Content Item

    Williams says Russell chosen on talent alone

  2. FILE PHOTO: Wimbledon

    Tennis - Kyrgios brings talent to another level, says Evert

    Nick Kyrgios has a level of talent perhaps never seen before, former champion Chris Evert says of the Australian player who will start next week's ...
  3. Singapore CBD

    Commentary: Behind the brain drain in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, stymied aspirations and growing rootlessness

    Brain drain is more than an economic issue and there are lessons Hong Kong and Taiwan offer for Singapore, say two observers.
  4. cybersecurity

    Singapore taking lead in fighting cybercrime, but expertise remains in shortage

    Industry insiders say they are heartened the country is taking steps to address the shortage, which is seen as "chronic" by one expert, including ...
  5. Hanafi Akbar Balestier talent

    Seizing the moment: Youth footballer Hanafi Akbar grateful for second chance

    After being sentenced to jail for drug offences, the career of the former Youth Olympic squad star looked to be over. But he has turned his life ...
  6. mascot talent 1

    Becoming Mr Popular: A day in the life of a mascot talent

    There's more to being a good mascot performer than just putting on a costume and waving at people.
  7. Singapore Financial District

    Singapore tops talent competitiveness index in Asia Pacific for the 4th year running

    Globally, Singapore is ranked second behind Switzerland, also for the fourth consecutive year.
  8. New Content Item

    Singapore tops global ranking for startup talent, overtaking Silicon Valley: Survey

    Singapore clinched the top spot for talent due to its strong performance in access to quality talent and cost, according to the Global Startup ...
  9. afgansyah reza

    Indonesian films, TV in focus at Singapore Media Festival 2017

    Indonesian content will be celebrated across all events at the Singapore Media Festival this year.
  10. mr hri kumar nair

    No issue with appointment of former MP as deputy AG: Shanmugam, Indranee

    Both Mr Shanmugam and Ms Indranee say Mr Hri Kumar is qualified for the position as one of the top litigators in the country. Furthermore, the ...