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  1. FILE PHOTO: Sri Lanka's newly appointed Prime Minister Rajapaksa and President Sirisena wave a

    Sri Lankan Tamil parties reject president's call to support controversial new PM

    Sri Lanka's main Tamil parties have turned down a call from President Maithripala Sirisena to support his newly appointed prime minister in a ...
  2. Sri Lanka's newly appointed Prime Minister Rajapaksa waves at the staff after participating in

    Sri Lanka's "lord of the rings" back in power, pro-China strongman wiped out Tamil rebels

    Just three years after being voted out in a presidential election in Sri Lanka, strongman Mahinda Rajapaksa is back at the centre of power, ...
  3. New Content Item

    More dyslexia students seeking support to learn mother tongue: Dyslexia Association

    The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) says it has seen growing demand for its Chinese programme and is looking to further support students ...
  4. Sri Lanka Special Task Force soldiers carry a multi barrel rocket launcher

    Sri Lanka races to defuse bombs after depot blast

    At least one soldier burnt to death and thousands of villagers fled their homes after fire broke out at the Salawa military complex late Sunday, ...
  5. Chee Hong Tat reading session

    Important to expose kids to different mother tongue languages: MCI

    Minister of State for Communications and Information Chee Hong Tat says this is important so that children can build a strong bilingual foundation.
  6. Asia Default Image

    Sri Lanka probes UN claims of ongoing police torture

    UN human rights official Juan E Mendez said earlier this month that he had found "credible evidence" of detainees being tortured and ...
  7. PAP and SDP supporters at Keming Primary

    Bukit Batok by-election: PAP's Murali Pillai, SDP's Chee Soon Juan to contest SMC

    Mr Murali, in his nomination speech, pledges to make Bukit Batok a "beautiful place for all of us", while Dr Chee promises to serve as full-time ...