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  1. Adam Grabowski serves fizzy water to locals in Katowice

    Polish cities wheel out communist nostalgia to get citizens drinking tap water

    Polish cities are resorting to communist-era mobile soda fountains to convince residents to switch to drinking tap water.
  2. tap water

    Your tap water may contain plastic, researchers warn

    Samples were collected in the first three months of the year in Kampala, Uganda; New Delhi, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Beirut, Lebanon; Quito, ...
  3. OTRD parent wenxuan

    New immigrants worry children are getting 'soft' in Singapore

    From shovelling dirt to killing chickens, it is a culture shock for three kids who make the journey back to their parents’ homelands to discover ...
  4. China bottled water

    Singapore's S$134m bottled water addiction

    How did bottled water grow into a multimillion-dollar industry in a country with perfectly safe drinking water from the tap?