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  1. Batik 7

    Innovation and sustainability to ensure future of Indonesian batik

  2. (pp) Tapestry Lotus9

    From lotus pond to high fashion: Myanmar weaves legacy of exquisite fabric

    In Myanmar’s far-flung community, skilled artisans sit at their looms and weave one of the most expensive and finest fabrics in the world. It is ...
  3. Kuching 1

    Bird's nest farming takes flight in urban Kuching

    It is a regular street with mainly empty apartment buildings where Steve Lauhas set up his operation. In this industry, everything is secretive ...
  4. Davao oil 1

    Recycled cooking oil fuels green possibilities in Davao

  5. Temburong 4

    ‘Sustainable and profitable’: Eco-tourism opens opportunities in Brunei jungle