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  1. Handbags are pictured through a window of a Coach store in Pasadena

    Tapestry CEO resigns amid internal investigation at Coach owner: source

    Tapestry Inc Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jide Zeitlin stepped down on Tuesday amid an investigation into his personal behavior, a source ...
  2. (pp) Tapestry Lotus9

    From lotus pond to high fashion: Myanmar weaves legacy of exquisite fabric

    In Myanmar’s far-flung community, skilled artisans sit at their looms and weave one of the most expensive and finest fabrics in the world. It is ...
  3. Asia Default Image

    Bird's nest farming takes flight in urban Kuching

    It is a regular street with mainly empty apartment buildings where Steve Lauhas set up his operation. In this industry, everything is secretive ...
  4. Asia Default Image

    ‘Sustainable and profitable’: Eco-tourism opens opportunities in Brunei jungle