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  1. Nancy Pelosi

    Trump, Democrats spar as government shutdown looms

    In 2013, a similar spending feud caused 850,000 government officials to be sent home temporarily.
  2. NYSE Nov16

    US stocks jump as House passes tax cut, Nasdaq hits record

  3. NYSE Nov14

    US stocks fall on tax cut doubts; oil shares hit

  4. NYSE Nov9

    US stocks tumble amid fears of GOP tax cut delay

  5. NYSE Oct31

    Nasdaq ends at record high on US data, tax cut hopes

  6. NYSE Oct26

    US stocks mostly rise as tax cut gains in Congress

  7. New Content Item

    S&P 500, Nasdaq finish 3rd quarter at all-time highs

  8. London Stock Exchange LSE

    Stock market welcome for Trump tax plans fades fast

  9. Asia markets

    Dollar gains build in Asia after Trump tax plan but stocks mixed

  10. NYSE Sep 27

    US stocks gain as Trump unveils tax cut