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  1. Science Arts TCM Herbs

    Holistic healing beyond symptoms

    With more than 50 years of history, homegrown company Science Arts seeks to continue its legacy of providing holistic and reliable Traditional ...
  2. Assortment of traditional Chinese herbs

    Turning to TCM to boost your health? Here's what you should know

    How are the bottled herbal drinks you buy at food courts and supermarkets different from the TCM remedies prescribed by certified physicians? Can ...
  3. Asian Healing Techniques

    These ancient Asian healing techniques are making a major comeback

    Traditional Asian healing practices have fuelled the growth of the global wellness industry. Here, we trace these ancient therapies’ evolution to ...
  4. File photo of traditional chinese medicine

    TCM practitioner fined, suspended after treating patient remotely for 3 years

    A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner has been fined S$5,000 and suspended for two months after it was found she had been prescribing ...
  5. Children TCM acupuncture paediatric tuina acupressure

    TCM for kids? Some parents are taking an alternative approach to paediatric wellness

    To boost immune systems, some parents have started planning stops at the TCM clinic before dropping the kids off at the daycare centre.
  6. Eu Yan Sang Herbs Main

    Managing the 3 highs with TCM

    To tackle high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, TCM takes a holistic and customised approach
  7. Corydalis yanhusuo

    Ban on painkilling TCM herb to be lifted from Jun 1