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  1. After teaching at Ella Puru in the morning, teacher Graciela Bouche heads back to swap her real-life

    Weekly commute by canoe for Panama teacher to reach off-grid village kids

    Once a week, teacher Graciela Bouche takes a canoe from her small town in the Panama rainforest to an indigenous village some two kilometers away ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: People wearing protective face masks walk, as the global outbreak of the coronavirus di

    Chicago teachers vote for remote classes only, claim schools are unsafe amid COVID-19

    Chicago teachers have voted in favor of a resolution to stay out of their classrooms in the third-largest school system in the United States, ...
  3. People pay tribute to beheaded teacher Samuel Paty in Paris

    'Teaching yes, bleeding no': France pays tribute to beheaded teacher

    Thousands of people gathered across France on Sunday to support teachers and defend freedom of expression after the killing of Samuel Paty, a ...
  4. teacher in vietnam school, classroom

    Commentary: Most teachers have been bullied by students or their parents and it's taking a toll

    A survey found 83% of teachers in Australia disclosed a desire to leave the profession due to teacher-targeted student and parental bullying, La ...
  5. NYT lonely woman pixabay goodinteractive

    Commentary: Should social status matter in deciding whether to switch careers?

    Former journalist Lucy Kellaway found something else that's worth more than her social status in her new job as a teacher.
  6. swiss cottage secondary NE

    Commentary: Public trust in our educators is fragile and can be easily fractured

    Recent cases of misconduct and alleged impropriety should spur us to think about how to preserve strong relations between educators, students and ...
  7. Asia Default Image

    Cambodian teacher lights up world for blind students

    Phalla Neang is the first teacher of the blind in Cambodia and the pioneer of Khmer Braille. Throughout her life, she has been fighting to show ...