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  1. MOE kindergarten

    Commentary: Long-neglected but now in the spotlight, Singapore’s pre-school sector

    How can more families get access to high-quality, affordable childcare? Will recent moves to ramp up government-supported pre-schools crowd out ...
  2. New Content Item

    Commentary: Outdoor learning has huge benefits for students and teachers and should be done more

    Taking lessons outside can do wonders for children's education and well-being, say researchers at Swansea University Emily Marchant, Charlotte ...
  3. secondary school students Singapore

    Singapore teachers work longer hours than OECD average: International survey

  4. teacher in vietnam school, classroom

    Commentary: Teachers love their jobs and feel valued but face immense challenges

    Teachers passionate about their work derive intrinsic joy from intangible rewards but many new challenges remain on the horizon, says NIE’s Jason Tan.
  5. Secondary School Students Credit TODAY

    Commentary: What we gain and lose in moving away from streaming

    Streaming may be phased out but moving towards a different form of sorting in the education system has trade-offs, says NIE’s Jason Tan.
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: What an effective parent-teacher meeting looks like

    Trepidation, anxiety, and perhaps, frustration can be common emotions displayed at parent-teacher meetings. National Institute of Education ...