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  1. teacher in vietnam school, classroom

    Commentary: Teachers love their jobs and feel valued but face immense challenges

    Teachers passionate about their work derive intrinsic joy from intangible rewards but many new challenges remain on the horizon, says NIE’s Jason Tan.
  2. children MOE kindergarten

    Commentary: No excuses, your kid should be ready for math before kindergarten

    Basic math skills like counting, geometry and algebraic thinking can be easily mastered, say three experts in developmental psychology.
  3. NTUC First Campus and SUSS partnership

    Selected pre-school teachers to graduate faster under new scheme

  4. car park school

    Commentary: Is free parking really the answer to teachers’ woes?

    The response from netizens shows Singaporeans appreciate that our teachers are deserving of recognition and rewards for their hard work – a larger ...
  5. preschool 1

    Singapore’s pre-school sector: Assessing its growth amid challenges

    Pre-school education is expected to be in the spotlight in the upcoming National Day Rally on Sunday (Aug 20). Channel NewsAsia’s Lianne Chia ...