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  1. Lamborghini's-V12-engine-milestones

    End of an era: The Lamborghini Aventador (and its V12 engine) bows out

    After a decade in production, the flagship raging bull is going away, and it might also be the end of the carmaker’s glorious V12 engine. Here, we ...
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    Food delivery apps: How riders, consumers and F&B outlets have found them a year since COVID-19

    COVID-19 was a shot in the arm for food delivery platforms. One year on, have apps and restaurants gotten their systems in order? Why do we still ...
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    Repairing and recycling to reduce e-waste: A pipe dream in Singapore?

    Many of us may not think twice about throwing away old gadgets and buying new ones. It's one thing to talk about Zero Waste and reusing, reducing ...
  4. Instagram app is seen on a smartphone in this illustration

    Instagram will now let users control how much sensitive content they want to see

    The Sensitive Content Control feature lets you decide if you want to see more or less violent or sexually suggestive posts.
  5. Illustration of email

    Nobody likes email – could Gen Z free the world from the tyranny of the inbox?

    Those under 30 are rejecting email, preferring less institutionalised forms of communication at work such as Google Docs and Zoom.
  6. Flying car

    A Tesla in the sky? Flying cars may soon become a reality

    Flying cars may reach the market over the next several years. But they will not look or operate like the flying cars in The Jetsons. More likely, ...
  7. EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager holds a news conference at the European Commissi

    Tech rules not just for a few giants, EU's Vestager says

    Draft rules aimed at reining in the power of companies such as Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc unit Google should cover more than just the top five ...
  8. Indonesia Gojek Tokopedia Merger

    Commentary: With Tokopedia merger, Gojek will take Indonesia by storm

    Tokopedia complements Gojek’s core business and extends its reach even further into Indonesia, say business researchers.