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  1. The first made-in-Singapore commercial earth observation satellite was launched in December 2015.

    Singapore’s foray into space: Boldly going where no little red dot has gone before

    The efforts of the country’s budding space industry are giving the Republic a larger stake in the space race than many people may think. The ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, speaks during the launch of Aliba

    Commentary: Looks like China has its own '+1' strategy and Southeast Asia is it

    Increasingly, Chinese companies are finding the region an appealing alternative to compensate for their loss in market growth elsewhere, say Dr ...
  3. People are seen at an Apple store as the new iPhone SE goes on sale in Hangzhou

    5G iPhone expected to star at Apple event

    Apple is expected on Tuesday to unveil a keenly anticipated iPhone 12 line-up starring models tuned to super-fast new 5G telecom networks in an ...
  4. Power Balance
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    Ep 19: Power Balance

    The post-pandemic balance of power between the world's two largest economies - who will come out on top, the United States or China, and what does ...
  5. Ep 9
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    Ep 9: Green Wheels In Motion

    2040 is Singapore's deadline to phase out internal combustion engines. Right now, only about five per cent of vehicles in Singapore are "green" - ...
  6. The logo of e-commerce firm Shopee is displayed outside its regional headquarters in Singapore

    Commentary: Singapore's Sea is world's best performing stock. And it can do better

    Sea Limited’s rapid stock rise has given it a market capital larger than any other Singapore company, says The Smart Investor’s David Kuo.
  7. Reform And Transform
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    Reform And Transform

    This year Singapore and China mark 30 years of diplomatic relations. CNA Correspondent discovers the transformation that has taken place through ...
  8. WIM_S4_EP8_Joshua_Rocket_6Storey_High
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    Ep 8: Why Aim For Space

    The space race is heating up once again - with space superpowers and private companies with deep pockets attempting missions to the Moon and beyond.