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  1. Pet dog teenager adolescent development

    What do teenagers need? Ask the family pet, say experts

    Pets provide comforts that seem tailor-made for the stresses of normal adolescent development.
  2. Teenagers need help to deal with online harassment and bullying

    Commentary: Teenagers need help to deal with cyber flashing and online harassment

    Confiscating your teenage child's phone will not help them feel safe, says Western Sydney University's Joanne Orlando.
  3. sad, depressed, woman struggles with depression, mental health

    Commentary: Helicopter parenting has caused British teenagers to be unhappy

    Childhood has become tame, making young people of today less resilient than previous generations, authors Rob Creasy and Fiona Corby point out.
  4. bonsai tree

    Commentary: Bringing up a bonsai is like raising a teenager

    Financial Times' Robert Shrimsley bought a bonsai when his son head to college and soon realises bringing it up is similar to raising a teenager.
  5. children playing generic

    More kids in Singapore seeking help for mental health issues

    The Education Ministry will roll out a student peer support programme at all primary and secondary schools by 2019 to encourage young people to ...