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  1. A woman using her smartphone in bed

    Getting an MC – and medicine in 90 min – on your phone? We tested it out

    CNA Lifestyle roadtests the new medical collaboration with Grab that says you can get a consultation, medical certificate and drugs you need ...
  2. New Content Item

    Medical abortions can be safely supervised via telemedicine: study

  3. Telemedicine in France 2015

    Patients value convenience of telemedicine for checkups: Study

  4. South Asians heart health pills

    Telemedicine not ideal for kids with respiratory infections

  5. telemedicine

    New tech taking telemedicine to the next level

  6. New Content Item

    Telemedicine surging in US but still uncommon

  7. Before and after pictures of children who underwent surgical care with Operation Smile.

    Commentary: Technology makes surgical care a reality in distant lands

    Video conferencing technology helps us provide critical post-surgery follow-ups to remote parts of the world, say two observers from non-profit ...
  8. Medical Certificates MC

    Electronic MCs should only be issued after proper clinical assessment: MOH

    The growing number of medical apps in Singapore is raising questions about how to ensure standards do not suffer.
  9. Doctor Anywhere 1

    Medical apps providing virtual consultations, e-MCs on the rise