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  1. A woman using her smartphone in bed

    Getting an MC – and medicine in 90 min – on your phone? We tested it out

    CNA Lifestyle roadtests the new medical collaboration with Grab that says you can get a consultation, medical certificate and drugs you need ...
  2. Before and after pictures of children who underwent surgical care with Operation Smile.

    Commentary: Technology makes surgical care a reality in distant lands

    Video conferencing technology helps us provide critical post-surgery follow-ups to remote parts of the world, say two observers from non-profit ...
  3. Medical Certificates MC

    Electronic MCs should only be issued after proper clinical assessment: MOH

    The growing number of medical apps in Singapore is raising questions about how to ensure standards do not suffer.
  4. tele rehab

    Undergoing physiotherapy exercises from home now a reality for patients

    The national tele-rehabilitation pilot is currently offered by NTUC Health, TOUCH Home Care, and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital.