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    US television broadcaster Hugh Downs dies at age 99

    Hugh Downs, whose congeniality and authoritative manner allowed him to move between the world of game shows and U.S. network news, has died at the ...
  2. Qi Yuwu and Carrie Wong in A Quest To Heal

    Carrie Wong, Qi Yuwu conquer fear of heights by ‘flying’ in Ming dynasty drama

    And, which A Quest To Heal cast member turned out to be surprisingly popular in Hengdian? The answer might surprise you.
  3. FILE PHOTO: 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

    Musical Hamilton goes from Broadway to America's living rooms

    The film version of the hit musical will start streaming on Disney+ from Friday (Jul 3).
  4. FILE PHOTO: Actor Reiner attends a special screening of "Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis&

    Carl Reiner, Ocean's Eleven actor and creator of Dick Van Dyke Show, dies at 98

    His career spanned seven decades and every medium from theatre and recordings to television and movies. Tributes have poured in from celebrities ...
  5. Dasmond Koh Victory Lap

    Dasmond Koh thinks late actor Aloysius Pang would 'be happy' with Victory Lap show

    Koh, who executive produced the series, said that the late actor "should at least be happy to finally see a full-fledged production from NoonTalk."
  6. World's Toughest Race Fiji

    World's Toughest Race challenge hosted by Bear Grylls to debut on Amazon Prime

    The 10-episode season features 66 teams from 30 countries racing for 11 days and across more than 600 kilometres in Fiji.
  7. Hotel del Luna

    Korean hit drama Hotel Del Luna is being remade into an American TV series

    The supernatural-themed fantasy romance is being remade by an American production company, in partnership with the producers of the original version.
  8. Actor Brendan Gleeson arrives at the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills

    TV show on Trump-Comey clash now likely to air before November election

    A television show about the clash between former FBI director James Comey and U.S. President Donald Trump over Russian interference in the 2016 ...