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  1. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers a commencement speech during a ceremony with p

    Canada to mandate temperature checks for airline passengers, Trudeau says

    Canada will make it a requirement to take airline passengers' temperatures before they fly and anyone with a fever will not be allowed to travel, ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: American Airlines jets sit at gates at Washington's Reagan National airport in Was

    Major US airlines endorse temperature checks for passengers

    A major US airline trade group on Saturday (May 9) said it backed the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checking the temperatures of ...
  3. A dried out lake stands near the Navajo Nation town of Thoreau on Jun 06, 2019 in Thoreau

    Hotter temperatures could kill 2,000 more a year in US: Study

    A rise in temperature of just two degrees Celsius could lead to an additional 2,100 deaths from injuries every year in the United States, ...
  4. open plan open space office crew and collective cafe montreal canada

    Commentary: Offices are too hot or too cold. Is there a better temperature control solution?

    One research group found a better, non-intrusive way, to collect temperature data that may be able to solve the problem.
  5. Man woman body temperature warm cold Game Of Thrones

    The real reason you and your spouse fight over the blanket and air-con remote control

    Temperatures affect men and women differently – in the office, at home, and in the shower. One study found that women are more comfortable when ...