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    2 degrees of separation: What’s behind the number in the limit to temperature rise? | EP 29

    In this episode, Jaime Ho talks to Dr Winston Chow about numbers. 2 degrees Celsius is the limit that scientists, activists and governments have ...
  2. A dried out lake stands near the Navajo Nation town of Thoreau on Jun 06, 2019 in Thoreau

    Hotter temperatures could kill 2,000 more a year in US: Study

    A rise in temperature of just two degrees Celsius could lead to an additional 2,100 deaths from injuries every year in the United States, ...
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    Commentary: Offices are too hot or too cold. Is there a better temperature control solution?

    One research group found a better, non-intrusive way, to collect temperature data that may be able to solve the problem.
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    The real reason you and your spouse fight over the blanket and air-con remote control

    Temperatures affect men and women differently – in the office, at home, and in the shower. One study found that women are more comfortable when ...
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    ASIA’S FUTURE CITIES: Yangon lacking resilience to face future disasters

    A severe global climate forecast has Myanmar facing a potentially dire future: a dramatic five-degree temperature increase by the end of the ...