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  1. File Photo Hot Weather

    Expect a wet and warm first half of April

    A few warm days can be expected where the daily maximum temperatures could reach a high of 35°C, says the Meteorological Service Singapore.
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    2016 was warmest year on record for Singapore: MSS

    2016 saw an annual mean temperature of 28.4°C, exceeding the climatological average by 0.9°C, MSS announced in its 2016 Annual Climate Assessment ...
  3. File Photo Hot Weather

    Warm weather expected in second half of March: Met Service

    The daily maximum temperature is forecast to range between 33°C and 34°C on most days in the next two weeks, says the Meteorological Service ...
  4. Mongolia dzud

    Severe winter killing off livestock in Mongolia

    This is the second consecutive year that the landlocked country is grappling with such severe weather conditions, known as the "dzud".
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    Monsoon surge in South China Sea expected to weaken in next 2 days: MSS

    The daily temperature on most days is likely to be between 24°C and 33°C, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore.
  6. NSW Rural Fire Service

    Australia warns of 'catastrophic' fire conditions amid heatwave

    Eastern Australia is bracing for severe 'off-the-scale' fire conditions Sunday as it baked in a heatwave that has broken temperature records and ...
  7. singapore dry spell 2

    February to be warmer and drier, says Met Service

    Expect a drier and warmer fortnight ahead, compared to the showers that Singapore saw on most days in the last two weeks, the Met Service says.
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    More showers expected in second half of January: MSS

    The next two weeks of January are expected to be wetter than the first fortnight of the year, says MSS.
  9. snow-covered Turkey

    Deaths, travel chaos in Europe cold snap

    A cold snap gripping Europe has killed 10 more people in Poland, stranded thousands in snow-covered Turkey and brought fresh misery for both ...
  10. File Photo Hot Weather

    2016 set to be hottest year on record in Singapore: Met Service

    The mean annual temperature recorded at the Changi climate station, as of Dec 29, exceeded the current record of 28.3°C set in 1997, 1998 and ...